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Thank you for choosing us. Our professional staff provide up-to-date information about pregnancy, abortion procedures, adoption, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We serve all individuals regardless of sex, ethnicity, faith/religious belief, and sexual orientation. Our services are confidential, evidence-based, and focused on you.

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Having one or more symptoms of pregnancy is not enough to confirm that you actually ARE pregnant.

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Weighing your options carefully is vitally important in the decision making process.

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We test and treat sexually transmitted diseases for all people regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, and faith/religious beliefs.

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  • Education about pregnancy, birth control, abortion procedures & alternatives and adoption.
  • Free services such as pregnancy testing and ultrasounds.
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Medical Abortion

Medical Abortion Before 9 weeks (63 days from your last menstrual period), abortion clinics perform medical abortions.  A medical abortion most often consists of a combination of two drugs called mifepristone and misoprostol (RU-486). These drugs are taken by mouth; however, misoprostol may be administered as a vaginal suppository (tablets placed in the vagina).  Multiple… Read more »

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